Turn up the heat for the F1® Delta Time Grand Prix!

That’s right racers, make sure to lather up good and proper! In this week’s special we will race across 5 tracks and we will focus on hot and dry weather only. The same generous REVV, Key and NFT reward pools will remain available with a total of 120,000 REVV available!

Weather Free F1® Delta Time Grand Prix™

This week’s Grand Prix™ will run for 1 week starting on 17 January 2022 and ending at 23:59:59 (UTC) on 23 January 2022 and you will be competing across 5 circuits! You can race in any weather, but only your best time from the hot OR dry leaderboards will be used from each circuit. Rewards will be awarded at the end of the week, based on your performance across the hot and dry weathers on the below tracks.

Circuit in this Grand Prix™

  • Formula 1® Autodromo Nazionale Monza
  • Formula 1® Australian Grand Prix™
  • Formula 1® Bahrain Grand Prix™
  • Formula 1® Shanghai International Circuit
  • Formula 1® Pirelli British Grand Prix™

Grand Prix™ Weekly Prizes

Your placement will be based on your best performance across hot and dry weathers across all the tracks! Your final placement on the weekly leaderboards for each of the weathers will grant you the following points:

The points you earned from each of the leaderboards for the given Tier are tallied at the end of the week and boards in the below links reflect the weekly REVV pools available for each Tier per-season. Grand Prix™ weekly trophies and REVV pool will remain the same (12 trophies and 60,000 REVV tokens per season). Share per position can be viewed in the table below.

Grand Prix™ Weekly REVV Prizes

Weekly Key Rewards

For the next week all players will continue to earn Legendary, Epic and Rare Keys in fractions in the following manner:

Key fractions work similar to any other token, meaning a key can be divided into smaller portions. To open a key and get the 5 NFTs inside you will need to own one (1) full key. For example if you place 1st in Tier C 10 times, you would have 10 x 0.10 Legendary fractions which equals 1 full Legendary Key. Key fractions can also be traded as any other token, in case you would like to do so.

Time Trial

Pool of 20,000 REVV will be available weekly and divided between different Tiers 25% per Tier and in following manner per position:

Time Trial Pool Share

Payouts will be done in a weekly manner and the key fraction rewards will be also available based on your weekly total performance in the following manner.

Time Trial Trophies will also be available to the top 3 in each Tier, with 12 Trophies per season per week.

Time Trial Summary:

  • Time Trial events will run weekly from Monday 00:00:00(UTC) till Sunday 23:59:59 (UTC).
  • Weekly final standings are based on your combined points across the daily competitions
  • Weekly rewards include 20,000 REVV tokens, 12 Trophies and Key fractions for each season.

Grand Prix™ Summary:

  • This Grand Prix™ mode event will run for 1 week from 17 January 2022 to 23 January 2022, 23:59:59 (UTC).
  • The Events featured are Formula 1® Australian Grand Prix™, Formula 1® Autodromo Nazionale Monza, and Formula 1® Bahrain Grand Prix™, Formula 1® Pirelli British Grand Prix™, Formula 1® Shanghai International Circuit
  • Weekly final standings for REVV Pools and Key prizes are based on total performance on all five tracks in the hot or dry weather leaderboards.
  • Rewards include 60,000 REVV tokens, Legendary, and 12 trophies - per season per week.

Any questions, give us a shout!

If you’re new to F1® Delta Time or to REVV Motorsport gaming platform, you can find out more about us by checking out our Medium articles, as well as following us on Twitter. We also have an active player community on Discord and Telegram, so come and join the conversation.

F1® Delta Time:

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REVV Motorsport is a blockchain play-to-earn Motorsport platform, offering you a full racing experience on chain!

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REVV Motorsport

REVV Motorsport is a blockchain play-to-earn Motorsport platform, offering you a full racing experience on chain!

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