Token Design: The Anatomy of a Car

Livery Design of the French Edition 2019 Car

In this article we’ll be outlining exactly what our F1® Delta Time Car Collectibles are, their attributes, and how this information will be utilised in gameplay.

In F1® Delta Time, we use the term “Collectibles” to reference all of the Non-Fungible Tokens available in the game.

Some of this information has been presented in the F1® Delta Time White Paper, which can be read in its entirety here.

The Collectible

In the game, players will be able to engage in two types of play: Collection and Racing. The attributes of the Collectibles are designed with both of these play experiences in mind.

Here, we will be specifically discussing the Cars. Other Collectibles will have similar attribute makeups, with the attributes also being a factor in, Collection, Racing or both.

The attributes can be broadly broken into two main categories: Performance Based and Non-Performance Based.

The Anatomy

Attributes of the 1–1–1 Car

Non-Performance Based

Non-Performance Based attributes are values that will not have an impact on the Racing component of the game.

Type: Used to clarify if it’s a Car, Driver or another type of Component, e.g. Engine, Tyre, Trinket, etc… Every Collectible is associated with a Type.

Name: The name of the Collectible, like “1–1–1" and “Monaco Edition 2019”

Team: This refers specifically to the official Formula 1 Teams. For most of the Car and Driver Collectibles, the Team will signify which Cars and Drivers are compatible. With a Driver only being able to drive a Car if it is of the same Team. An exception is for the non-Team Cars, these can be driven by any Driver.

Season: Every Collectible released will fall under a specific Season. The current Collectables are all associated with the 2019 Season.

Track: Not all Collectibles will have a Track. But if a Track is assigned, this will generally mean that the Collectible will have some performance boost or benefit when racing on that Track.

Rarity: There are 4 Rarities: Apex, Legendary, Epic, Common. Legendary and Apex Collectibles share similar Stat lines — as in the upper and lower limits possible — but Apex Collectibles have Stats that are not based on real-world performances, unlike the Stats of Legendary Collectibles.

Collection: Not every Collectible is associated with a Collection. A Collection is a tag that assigns the Collectable to a group. If a player is able to collect all of the Collectibles with this tag, they’ll be rewarded. Collections can only be redeemed once only, and are incredibly rare.

Performance Based:

Performance Based attributes have an actual impact on the Racing component of the game.

Stat 1: Top Speed — Governs the straight-line speed of a Car during the racing game. With the higher number meaning a higher Top Speed, and the faster it can move.

Stat 2: Acceleration — If the Acceleration Stat is high, the Car will reach Top Speed or move toward higher speeds at a faster rate. This is important for exiting corners, and recovering from mistimed or heavy braking.

Stat 3: Grip — With a high Grip Stat, a Car will be less likely to stray from the main racing line. High Grip is useful for cars with high Top Speeds.

Luck: Luck is applied in numerous ways. It doesn’t have an overwhelming effect on the outcome of a race, or what may happen during a race, but is a constant variable that ensures that competition is never predictable.

Effect: An Effect can be presented in many ways. But a simple example of an Effect, would be that Tyres do not degrade during a race. Effect’s are very rare attributes.

Special #: ?

We’ll be sharing a little more information on what the Special attributes are later. But generally, like all attributes, they’re present to add further value and uniqueness.

Visual Metadata:

Car Collectibles will come with 3 visual assets:

2D Icon: What can be often seen from a Store or Marketplace (as seen below). This will display the Collectible itself, along with graphics that present the rarity.

3D Render — Viewer: In the form of a video. This presents a clip of the 3D model, rotating to best display the Collectible.

3D Render — Asset: This is the 3D model itself, and what will be referenced by the game.

As mentioned, this is specifically for the Car Collectible. In future articles, we will go over the anatomy of Drivers, Components, Tyres, Trinkets, Trophies and Tracks.

Stay tuned for more information soon. Also, be sure to join our social media channels listed below.

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