The Time Trial Arrives

As announced just a moment ago, the much anticipated Time Trial is now live!

The Time Trial is an F1® Delta Time mini-game that supports the larger game experience. It allows you to test out your NFT collection ahead of the racing game release in a few months time. Right now, winners can earn ETH, and in the very near future, REV.

Here at F1® Delta Time, we’re looking to reward those fans who are the early adopters of the game. Because this is the first ever Time Trial, we will lead this release with specific rewards, with the spoils going to the first ever Time Trial Champion!

Time Trial Champion

Do you have what it takes to become a champion?

For the first time ever, you now have a chance to race in F1® Delta Time in the Time Trial mode. Each week rewards will go to those who finish at the top of the leader board, but to get this started we’ll add a little extra to the reward pool.

Tier A

We are giving away an additional 2ETH prize to the Champion in this Tier, on top of the normal prize pool.

Tier B

We are giving away an additional Epic rarity 2019 Car and Driver from SpScore Racing Point, on top of the normal prize pool.

The base prize pool is made up of all of the ETH that is paid during the weekly event. With 70% going to the top three players, and 20% rolling over to the next week’s prize pool.

What is the Time Trial?

Each day, there will be a new circuit for players to compete on. Your goal is to get the fastest lap you can on that circuit. At the end of the week, all of your times will be converted into a score. With the highest score being rewarded in ETH and later, in REV. To play, you will need a car, a driver and a set of tyres.

This may sound simple, but it all comes down to the right strategy and proper setup of your cars and drivers. Some tracks will require a car that maximises Grip, others may be best suited to drivers that have high Aggression, or a mixture of stat types.. You will also need to prepare for conditions that mother nature may have in store for you. As an example, if it happens to be a rainy day, you may want to stock up for some wet tyres.


Each circuit has different demands and this affects how the results are calculated. This happens by multiplying the stat points of a category which is important to that specific track. For example, a circuit which demands a high level of Grip, might have a Grip multiplier. If a player enters a race on a circuit as above, with a pre-race Grip of 100, then they would benefit from a high Grip value..

So we hope you are ready and those with competitive spirit, jump in, it’s GO time again!

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