REVV Motorsport F1® Delta Time Asset Swap Update

Mechanics of the Asset Swap

The asset swap is not an automated system. Instead, we will monitor the assets sent to a specific Ethereum address, and based on what that address receives, the applicable assets will be minted and airdropped to the senders of the NFTs.



Asset Breakdown

REVV Racing Car Airdrops

There are a total of 90 new car variants being airdropped to existing F1® Delta Time car owners. The metadata of the NFTs, and the visuals of the cars are different based on the rarity and season of the car. Owners of F1® Delta Time 2019 First Edition cars, which consists of unique cars, will receive a new car with unique attributes and a minor increment on the car’s stat lines. Below are some examples.

Type SR-1 Image
Yaguara Series 1 Image

Proxy Asset Types

Proxy assets provide replacements for F1® Delta Time drivers, parts, gear, tyres, and event segments. A proxy asset is an NFT that can later be used to redeem, mint, or swap for another REVV Motorsport asset of the same type. The proxy assets include 2019 and 2020 versions, as well as the rarities. Below are some examples.

2019 Legendary Soft Tyre Voucher Image
2019 Rare Brake Voucher Image
2020 Epic Suspension Voucher Image
2019 Epic Helmet Voucher Image

Driver Proxy Assets:

Original Driver: Romain Grosjean

The Race Pass

The Race Pass is received when the owner swaps any of the F1® Delta Time cars from Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary and Apex. The metadata includes the season, so this can be considered where applicable for rewards and airdrops.

Race Passes

Race Pass Staking

Staking will begin at some point after the swap period ends on 31 July 2022 (but not immediately after). The staking period is currently expected to last 6 months or longer, but this is subject to change. The final duration will be announced closer to the release of staking.

2020 Keys and 2019 Crates

These assets will remain on Ethereum (they will not be bridged) and will be swappable Polygon ERC-1155 fungible tokens in the form of Staking Tokens. These Staking Tokens obtained from the swap will be stakeable, earning SHRD from a specific pool as originally announced. These are the only assets that will be able to access this pool of SHRD. The details on this will be provided in the future, after the release of the SHRD token in the coming weeks.

REVV Motorsport Swap Options and Airdrops

Initially, we are including REVV Racing assets and Formula E: High Voltage assets as swap options for proxy assets. But this will eventually include assets for the wider REVV Motorsport ecosystem. This applies to airdrops, mints and rewards for Race Pass holders.

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