Formula 1® Epic Event segments sale at F1® Delta Time on 14 April 2021

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3 min readApr 9, 2021


Own an “Epic” segment of world-famous racing events in-game!

UPDATE (13.04.2021) - Please note that sale time has been updated to 12pm (UTC).

Last month marked the historic first ever Rare Event segment sale at F1® Delta Time, and all 800 non-fungible tokens (NFTs) found owners within minutes from the sale’s start. Today, we are happy to announce that 300 Epic Event segments will be available for purchase on 14 April 2021, including segments for the Formula 1® Bahrain Grand Prix™ that’s just been added to the game! Get your REVV ready because this is going to be a fast ride!

One of the main benefits of NFTs is the concept of true digital ownership. Ownership enables a Play-to-Earn ecosystem in which you earn real-value rewards based on your time and money invested, skills, and game items. True digital ownership and Play-to-Earn are some of our goals here at Animoca Brands and the REVV ecosystem. Watch this video to learn more about the benefits of NFTs.

About F1® Delta Time Event NFTs

Official Formula 1 Events in F1® Delta Time are divided into multiple segments, and each segment is an NFT. These segments are distributed in four tiers of descending rarity: Apex, Legendary, Epic, and Rare. Unlike most other F1® Delta Time assets, these events are not based on multiple seasons, so these Event segments are extremely scarce NFTs.

Event segments provide passive rewards to owners in the form of REVV, with every race that happens on that event contributing to rewards. The more segments of an event that you own, and the more laps are run in that event, the more REVV you will earn. The percentage of REVV earned depends on the rarity of the segment as well as the number of segments in the circulation (early ownership of Events is worthwhile because if there are few segments of an Event in circulation, their owners will receive a larger percentage of the proceeds from that Event) .

F1® Delta Time Epic Event sale details

Starting on 14 April 2021 at 12pm (UTC), F1® Delta Time will be holding its first Epic Event Segment Sale at There are 6 Formula 1® Events available during this sale:

  • Formula 1® Pirelli British Grand Prix 2021
  • Formula 1® Rolex Belgium Grand Prix 2021
  • Formula 1® Gran Premio d’Italia 2021
  • Formula 1® Chinese Grand Prix 2021
  • Formula 1® Bahrain Grand Prix 2021
  • Formula 1® Australian Grand Prix 2021

50 Epic segments of each of these Events will be available, including for the first time the Formula 1® Bahrain Grand Prix 2021 event segment NFTs!

Each segment costs 33,000 REVV, with payment in REVV only. You can buy a maximum of 3 segments per transaction. Note that you cannot choose to buy specific event segments; the specific event segment is randomly selected after a purchase is made and the NFT is minted directly to the buyer’s wallet

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