F1® Delta Time: Elite Time Trial 2020 Key Event

UPDATE (23.12.2020) Please see end of the article for the Top 10 standings after week 1!

The fourth F1® Delta Time 2019 Elite Time Trial tournament begins on 14 December 2020! This tournament runs for 2 weeks, and has fabulous rewards of REVV and 120,000 REVV worth of 2020 Keys (which grant access to 2020 content for F1® Delta Time). As in the previous event, you will need to stake REVV in order to participate.

The total prize pool for all Tiers is 300,000 REVV and 2020 Keys (read all about Keys here: https://f1deltatime.medium.com/f1-delta-time-2020-assets-are-almost-here-1e0ecd4a8845). In addition, there are also REVV yield rewards for your stake, and a Common Key for every participant.

What: Elite Time Trial 2-week special event in which you stake REVV in order to compete in daily Time Trial races

Prizes: 300,000 REVV, and 2020 F1® Delta Time Keys ranging from Common to Legendary]; every participant who successfully enters this event and takes part in at least one race is guaranteed to receive at least one Common Key.

Yield: minimum yield of 0.1% on your REVV stake, and players who finish in the top 10 of each Tier will receive increased yields

When: 14 December — 27 December 2020

How: go to https://f1deltatime.com/timetrialelite to get started

I don’t have car/driver/tyres: You can purchase 2019 assets at: https://opensea.io/assets/f1-delta-time

I need REVV: buy REVV at https://revvmotorsport.com/

Players need to stake a minimum amount of REVV to participate in each Tier of this Time Trial. Don’t worry — you will earn a yield on your stake, and will be able to get it back in full after the event has ended. The amount of REVV you need to stake depends on which Tier you wish to enter.

IMPORTANT: make sure that you enter a Tier that is appropriate for your racing build! See the section on Total Composition Score for more details.

After entering a Tier in this event, players can play as many laps as they wish, at no cost. To be eligible for the yield, players must keep their REVV staked until the event has ended and the rewards are tallied. To be eligible for rewards, DO NOT withdraw your stake until the final standings have been announced.

If you still have REVV staked from the previous Elite Time Trial event, it will count towards the current event. If you have withdrawn your stake, you will need to re-stake the applicable amount in order to play in a Tier.

A stake can only be increased from Monday to Wednesday of each week in the 14-day event, so plan accordingly.

All four racing tiers (A, B, C and D) are back again in this special event. The reward pools of each tier will be distributed to players on the basis of their final scores at the end of the 14-day event.

The final reward payout REVV as well as 2020 Legendary, Epic and Rare Keys for players finishing in the top 3 spots of each Tier and one common key for every other participant.

To be eligible to receive a yield on your REVV stake, you must participate in at least one race of the Elite Time Trial. The minimum yield you will receive is 0.1% on your stake, and players who finish in the top 10 of their Tiers will receive an increased yield.

The yield is paid out based on the standings at the end of each week. Note that this is a change from past events (previously, yields were paid according to the final standings at the end of the entire event). Moving to a weekly payout system will make the Elite Time Trial more competitive for all players.

The total stats of your car, driver, tyres and any attached components or gear are your Total Composition Score and will determine the Tier in which you compete, so prepare your racing build accordingly:

  • Tier A — Total Composition Score of 16,001+
  • Tier B — Total Composition Score of 10,001–16,000
  • Tier C — Total Composition Score of 6,001–10,000
  • Tier D — Total Composition Score of 0–6,000

You can check which Tier you are in by checking the total score of your current composition in the Workshop (note that the Workshop does NOT count stats from your Tyres, which are selected just before every race, so be sure you take those into consideration).

The scoring for this event uses the same system as the third Elite Time Trial.

Tier A

  1. “[MYSTIC] CocoBear” : 167
  2. “jc37” : 155
  3. “ogasahara” : 107
  4. “yumaiyo” : 92
  5. “[Smile] Mr. Smile” : 91
  6. “Marcos” : 85
  7. “[Elliotrades] The Landlord” : 60
  8. “[Super Fast] Benji 20” : 44
  9. “[Super Fast] Tony G” : 32
  10. “[Supreme] Theramoe” : 14

Tier B

  1. “[MYSTIC] CocoBear” : 132
  2. “cuma” : 121
  3. “ Lucky-UniboxTeam” : 115
  4. “[Supreme] Theramoe” : 101
  5. “[Super Fast] Tony G” : 85
  6. “[Elliotrades] The Landlord” : 59
  7. “[Super Fast] Benji 20” : 57
  8. “[Speedtek] Bertok” : 57
  9. “[Super Fast] Caston1” : 40
  10. “[Speedtek] KESSLER” : 32

Tier C

  1. “cuma” : 138
  2. “[Speedtek] Bertok” : 134
  3. “[Speedtek] Brock_05” : 113
  4. “ Lucky-UniboxTeam” : 107
  5. “[Super Fast] Tony G” : 95
  6. “[Speedtek] KESSLER” : 60
  7. “[Supreme] Theramoe” : 57
  8. “[Super Fast] Fox” : 48
  9. “[RevvRacing.com] Robertih” : 28
  10. “[Super Fast] Caston1” : 22

Tier D

  1. “cuma” : 161
  2. “[Speedtek] Bertok” : 120
  3. “[Speedtek] Brock_05” : 115
  4. “ Lucky-UniboxTeam” : 105
  5. “[Super Fast] Tony G” : 80
  6. “[Speedtek] KESSLER” : 64
  7. “[Supreme] Theramoe” : 50
  8. “[Super Fast] Fox” : 44
  9. “[RevvRacing.com] Robertih” : 35
  10. “[Super Fast] Benji 20” : 21

Start and End Times: 14 December — 27 December 2020

This Elite Time Trial tournament begins on 14 December 2020 at 11 a.m. HKT (3 a.m. UTC), and ends on 27 December 2020 at 9 a.m. HKT (1 a.m. UTC) .

If you’re new to F1® Delta Time, you can find out more about the game by checking out our Medium articles, as well as following us on Twitter. We also have an active player community on Discord, so come and join the conversation.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/F1DeltaTime

Discord: https://discord.gg/EZE6mkS

REVV Telegram: https://t.me/REVVCommunity

Missing a certain car part? Want to improve your racing composition? F1® Delta Time Drivers, Cars, Tyres, and Components can be obtained on the OpenSea marketplace at https://opensea.io/assets/f1-delta-time

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