F1® Delta Time: Development Update #4 — Under the Hood

The first release of the F1® Delta Time Racing Game experience is fast approaching. This release is referred to as Qualifying Phase 1.

In this article, we’ll go into what you can expect from Phase 1, and additionally, we’ll expose how the game works on a technical gameplay level, and how we’re using this to ensure skill is a factor in playing F1® Delta Time.

The Qualifying Game — Phase 1

Qualifying Phase 1 is a fully interactive play experience, where players will control the acceleration, breaking and the DRS (Drag Reduction System) of their car.

Similar to the Time Trial, different tracks will require different configurations if the player is looking to maximise their performance. Weather remains a factor, so tyre choice stays critical.

Taking cues from the Time Trial, the Qualifying Phase 1 release will be leaderboard centric. With a total of twelve leaderboards per-track being made available to compete on.

Alongside the Tiers — A, B and C, leaderboards will also exist for each weather variant: Hot, Dry, Wet and Rain. These leaderboards will reset each week, with historic best times for players relating to Tiers and weathers being retained.

Players will receive REVV for finishing in the top three of any of the Leaderboards.

Qualifying Phase 1 will be playable up until the release of the full racing experience. This will replace the above leaderboard model with one that is race session specific.

Upon release of Phase 1, players will be able to compete on the historic Circuit de Monaco.

Under the Hood

Although the event format for Phase 1 will be familiar to F1® Delta Time Time Trial players, the gameplay itself is drastically different. Although it continues to leverage the strategy found in the Time Trial, though part selection, composition configuration and track familiarity, the execution is a very different experience.

The game interprets the statics of the player’s car and driver to subtly impact the physics of the car itself. With every composition handling differently.

Players will have to become familiar with their compositions, knowing how much they can push them through straights, how aggressive they can brake, and how quick they’re able to recover.

Physics being simulated by the game include torque, mass and inertia, all of which are affected by the player’s composition, and all affect the handling and feel of the car.

This approach allows us to ensure that skill is just as integral as the components. While Tiers ensure that all players are able to have competitive, enjoyable experiences.

F1® Delta Time — Next Up

Qualifying Phase 1 will be released in the coming weeks, but before this feature goes live, players will be able to get their hands on staking, and the REVV token. Following this, the first track sale.

The REVV token has completed its full and final audit, and is ready for mainnet. We’ll be announcing news on this soon.

Any questions, give us a shout!

Have any questions for us? Hit us up on social media at Twitter or Facebook, or join us on the official F1® Delta Time Discord.

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