F1® Delta Time: Development Blog #1 — The Racing Game

What is the Racing Game?

The Racing Game presents the players with tracks from the official Formula 1® season rendered in full 3D, and playable directly from your browser. Players will go head-to-head in qualifying sessions, before going into the final race.

A recent work-in-progress render of the Monaco grid

The Flow

On the Racing Game page, players will be presented with the current track available for play. From here, they’ll be able to select their most suited composition which they built in the Workshop, and pair it with the right tyres. Qualification then begins.


During qualifying, the player is in direct control of their car and driver. The player needs to control the speed of their car, decelerating as the car enters a corner, and then accelerating back out with precision, with the better timing and control resulting in better maintained speed, and better times. The player will also have DRS (Drag Reduction System) at their fingertips. With opportune use of this leading to the best possible performance.

Development Update

Engine simulation running on Monaco, with the newly added elevations
Same Monaco environment with a more recent texture pass

Next Up

We want to try to put out one of these development updates bi-weekly. Next time, we’ll dive a little into the back-end of this system, as well as look to share the game in motion.



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