F1® Delta Time — 2020 Content Pre-Sale: 50% Discount Event

2020 Content Pre-Sale Event TL;DR

  • Crates have been replaced by Keys, which have largely the same function but are purchasable before they are usable (like Crates, Keys are burned to mint NFTs)
  • 30 November to 3 December 2020: deposit the amount of REVV you intend to spend to purchase Keys (you cannot deposit after 3 December)
  • If the total REVV deposited by all players reaches one of the discount targets, that discount will be applied to the price of all Keys
  • 4–11 December 2020: purchase Keys with the REVV that you deposited previously
  • The only currency usable in this pre-sale is REVV
  • Keys become usable when the full 2020 content sale begins later in December

Pre-Sale Event Calendar

New: Keys Replace Crates

Pre-Sale Pricing and Sliding Discount

  • Legendary Key: 38,000 REVV
  • Epic Key: 18,000 REVV
  • Rare Key: 3,800 REVV
  • Common Key: 800 REVV

How the Pre-Sale Works

Pre-Sale REVV Deposit Pool: Sliding Discount System

Key Supply and Allocation (Initial)

Key Supply and Allocation (Additional)

Pre-Sale Keys and Operational Keys — what’s the difference?

  • Pre-Sale Keys are offered only through sale events. Any Pre-Keys that are not sold in this pre-sale will be destroyed. Future sale events will rely on Pre-Sale Keys from the new supply.
  • Operational Keys are used for gameplay rewards — both Grand Prix and Time Trial game modes. Operational Keys will serve as rewards for 2019 Season Events, allowing 2019 NFT holders to earn 2020 season content through play.

2020 Content Randomisation and Scarcity

Participation Guidelines:

  • To purchase, you need to have a verified F1® Delta Time account
  • In order to purchase Keys, you need to deposit your REVV before the start of the purchase period

Any questions, give us a shout!



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