Elite Time Trial: Event Segment and TOWER Special is here!

  • What: A 2-week special event in which you stake REVV in order to compete in daily Time Trial races
  • Prizes: 150,000 pool of REVV and TOWER tokens in total (75,000 REVV/TOWER per season), and F1® Delta Time event segments of Rare tier
  • Yield: Minimum yield of 0.1% on your REVV stake, and players who finish in the top 10 of each Tier will receive increased yields
  • When: 23 March 2021–4 April 2021 23:59:59 (UTC)
  • How: Go to https://f1deltatime.com/timetrialelite to get started
  • I don’t have a car/driver/tyres: You can purchase 2019 and 2020 F1® Delta Time NFTs and 2020 Keys at https://opensea.io/assets/f1-delta-time.
  • I need REVV: Buy REVV at https://revvmotorsport.com/
  • Tier A — Total Composition Score of 16,001+
  • Tier B — Total Composition Score of 10,001–16,000
  • Tier C — Total Composition Score of 6,001–10,000
  • Tier D — Total Composition Score of 0–6,000
Note: Some corrections have been made to the results - REVV prizes will be amended and distributed accordingly



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REVV Motorsport

REVV Motorsport

REVV Motorsport is a blockchain play-to-earn Motorsport platform, offering you a full racing experience on chain!